8th - 9th November 2022

The Generation Female Global Summit returns this November, with a focus on women leaders who set strong examples and make a real impact.

2022 has been an eventful year, and a timely reminder of the need for bold vision and brave action to achieve positive change.

Held annually since 2020, our flagship event brings together global women leaders from diverse fields, to support, champion and empower a better future.


Day 1 

Generation Female -
The Visionaries

Day 1 features our signature program which celebrates top women leaders and trailblazers who inspire us and set the stage for change.
Leadership lessons and insider insights from diverse role models - a day packed with learning and inspiration.

Day 2 

A Force for Good,
A Generation that Impacts

Day 2 takes a broader view on change and impact, in line with Generation Female's latest initiative - the Generation Impact 2030 ESG (environmental, social, governance) certification standard. We'll be highlighting women leaders who are making a positive difference beyond gender, in our communities and environment.


For media enquires and Speaker participation please contact: admin@generationfemale.net